My Virtual Boutique.   

In many ways I do what I have always done in my boutiques... I acquire clothing and accessories specifically for you, from the designers whose work I personally love. 

At the same time, I am always looking for new and exciting designers.  If you are looking for something in particular, I will search for it.  

I do special orders ... it may be one piece or many, a fabulous statement piece to go with your favorite black pants, or an entire outfit.

I work with mothers of the bride or groom, who do not want traditional MOB outfits... women who want beautiful, interesting, artistic, and I dare say, comfortable clothing that makes a statement, but is still appropriate and not “over the top”; women who do not want to upstage the bride,  nor do they want to fade into the background dressed in pastel polyester.  Of course, I have nothing against pastel polyester.  I’m sure it’s fabulous on the right person. If you would like “over the top”, I am happy to accommodate that as well.

I also do what I refer to as pre-season orders for my customers. That means that if you love Ivan Grundahl or Krista Larson, for instance, I assist you in ordering pieces for the next season, usually four to six months before delivery. That means that you can make sure that you get the pieces that you love in the color and fabric you want, without worrying that they will be unavailable or sold out.

My customers are scattered throughout the country... from the West Coast to the Mid-West to the Northeast, and even New Hampshire.  We chat by e-mail, by phone, by Skype, and sometimes in person. 
For over a decade I was proprietor of the Renaissance Room... “A Gallery of Elegant Art To Wear” in Peterborough, New Hampshire and Newbury Street in Boston.

The Renaissance Room was known for its unique, beautiful and artistic clothing, its ambience,  and its emphasis on personal service.

So What’s New?

The Renaissance Room has evolved, with an even greater emphasis on providing exceptional personal service to my customers... minus the bricks and mortar. 

My Philosophy.

“Dance until the stars fall from the sky and fill your hair with sparkle and light.”

It’s About You.  

You have my undivided attention.  

I am here to listen, to pay attention, and to do my very best to find that perfect, beautiful piece of clothing that enhances your unique body and your personal style.

You are a woman not unlike myself, who shares my philosophy that clothing is not something that one throws on one’s back so that one will not be nude.

Clothing is an expression of our individuality, of our personalities, of our fantasies; of who we are, how we see ourselves at any particular moment, and how we want others to see us. 

Clothing creates an illusion. What we wear has the power to change our perception of ourselves and how others perceive us. It doesn’t matter that our bodies aren’t perfect, or that we don’t even vaguely resemble the airbrushed and photoshopped women on the pages ofW. After all, it’s not about having the perfect body. Very few of us really have to worry about paparazzi photographing us on the Riviera in our bikinis. 

It’s about being comfortable in our own skin... whatever that skin looks like. 

It’s about appreciating differences, and knowing and appreciating who we are.

It’s about making a personal statement.

Clothing is fun and creative... our personal style is limited only by our imaginations.

I am giving you permission to wear what you love, make a statement, and dance if you want to.

"Remember, if it doesn’t make you happy.. don’t wear it."